In December 2011, to coincide with the release of Jon Spira's Oxford Music scene documentary, 'Anyone Can Play Guitar', The Nubiles compiled together their first online release, 'Mindblender (Extended Edition)', featuring the album, remastered, plus the popular songs most often use to open/close the live sets with: Tatjana, Toodle Pip and Teenage Torso, and the remixes of Cloaca Maxima and Kunta Kinte. You can listen to it and purchase it here.

The Nubiles were born in Oxford in 1993 when Tara Milton, the former bass player with Five Thirty, met guitarist Chris Nettleton and they began to write songs together. They pull together ideas from a huge array of disparate styles and mince them together into a formidable and energetic art-punk, with a sense of experimentation, adventure and the kind of primal energy that hasn’t been seen since The Who. This has always made their sound unique, and after establishing themselves as a near legendary live band in Oxford and the South East they toured the UK extensively.

The Nubiles have previously released records through the Bedford label, Lime St., and EMI Chrysalis. The original line up featured Tara, Chris, Giorgio Curcetti on Lead Guitar and Dan Goddard on Drums, but after recording their first album, ‘Mindblender’,they adopted a leaner three piece set-up with Tara, Dan and Chris, and toured for another year before Dan left to start a new life in Oxfordshire, and latterly work on new musical projects with Simon and Nick Kenny, fo rmerly of Thurman.

Tara and Chris looked for another drummer for another six months, but the personal strain had begun to take it's toll, and in 1998 the gradual dissolution of the band over the past two years became complete. Tara began working on a finger picking acoustic guitar style to accompany the more wistful side of his songwriting and moved to Japan. Chris went on to tour with Sack Trick for a few years then after that focused on his own solo work with The Masterblaster.

In 2007 the Nubiles reformed with a new three piece line-up to play the End of the Zodiac show in Oxford again featuring Tara, Chris and drummer Ben Calvert, who Chris had worked with in Sack Trick. The show went so well that the band planned to continue and record new material, but after another show, they decided to go back to a state of hiatus.