1st August 2011

To coincide with the release of the documentary 'Anyone Can Play Guitar', We are releasing a new extended edition of Mindblender for download, containing the additional tracks of 'Tatjana', 'Toodle Pip', 'Teenage Torso', 'Food & Wine', and the Kunta Kinte remixes. Will be going live in the first week of December on Amazon and iTunes.









1st August 2007

We are furiously writing and doing pre-production for the album sessions.

Announcing some live dates in September:

7th Sept - Bedford Esquires

8th Sept - Oxford Jericho Tavern

9th Sept - London Bardens Boudoir

18th May 2007

The End of the Zodiac show absolutely slayed. Standing room only and the band were on fire. The show is officially on the road once more! Pics up soon!

14th May 2007

Rehearsals are sounding awesome! Really tight and stripped down. Can't wait to play!

4th April 2007

The band are happy to announce a new drummer, Ben Calvert, and a live date in May:

17th May - Oxford Zodiac (End of an Era Party)